My Top 5 Stocks March 2018 Week 2 | Investing 101

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18 Gedanken zu „My Top 5 Stocks March 2018 Week 2 | Investing 101“

  1. Just finished the LPP course, looking for the next step. Can’t seem to get back to the first home page with all the options! Great course, next paper trading and TdAmeritrade sign up. Thanks for the awesome videos.

  2. I accidentally ran into your video on here last week and started to watch a few more. Got inspired by you and downloaded Robinhood n deposited $1000 into my account n just bout a few stocks n lost $300 that same day simply becuz I thought I knew what I was doing from just watching a few of ur videos but made a big mistake by going in blindly not knowing enough and losing all that money. It definitely discouraged me n scared me but watching like pretty much all your videos after that lose I’ve gotten a better understanding of it. Your videos are extremely helpful! I’m just a bit scared to invest back in but after watching all those videos I’ve been watching for patterns trying to understand before I buy back in. But like I said in the comment below i unfortunately don’t have access to a computer so I’m really restricted to all the other tools available. I just use the charts on Robinhood to watch for patterns n do analysis on things. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to better analyze using Robinhood or if there’s other apps available to do so please tell me!! Thank you

  3. Would it be possible for you to make a video on how to do an analysis just using Robinhood app? I don’t have access to a computer currently. Robinhood is convenient for me in that matter that I have access to it on my phone all day long. I’m new to all this. If you have any suggestions Ricky or anyone else please tell me. Thank you

  4. I am trying to learn the ropes as well. I played with crypto but it was a little scary. I think I am better suited for day trading with stocks. That being said considering this video was streamed 5 hours ago when do you think you will revisit the stocks you mentioned to see if the patterns are valid and if you are going to invest? How will we know you did and feel like it is a good bet?

  5. Extremely helpful, great job! Learning so much from you, Ricky! I wonder if you could possibly post a video on your step-by-step process of actually buying a stock or ETF you wish to invest in. Do you impose Stop Losses or Limits? Do you set specific alerts? How often do you check the status of your investment? etc. Thank you so much!

  6. Once again, nice job.
    Can't believe no one is mentioning BPMX. New patent and presenting tomorrow at 4:30pm at 30th Annual Roth Conference. 2/14 was 0.14, Friday hit 0.33…1.50 price target. Hope this info helps some of you. Stay Frosty…

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