What Investing $5 A Week Looks Like After 3 Years (Stash Invest Portfolio Update)

So you think investing a week is not for you? Think again. In this video I break down my Stash Invest ETF portfolio after 3 years of investing a week on a regular basis. It took me what seemed like an eternity to make the smallest return. I stayed consistent with it, and what you see today are the results.

What Investing A Week Looks Like After 3 Years (Stash Invest Portfolio Update)


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How A Week Will Change Your Life Forever | Stash Invest 25 Day PORTFOLIO UPDATE

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16 Antworten auf „What Investing $5 A Week Looks Like After 3 Years (Stash Invest Portfolio Update)“

  1. Hey man, what you’re doing is great, I have been trying to do similar thing but feel nervous about investing real money. (I’ve been mucking around with different platforms – to see how I go)
    I’ll check it out (stash) it sounds allright, I’m in the process of trying to put $25 weekly, like u said, it’s better to put ur cash in some financial institution instead of idling at home. Thanks for the video.. I’ll let u know how I go when I decide to deal with invested money, as opposed to just demo stuff.. time to make some loooong term investments. And I’m starting late too, I’m already 40. Lol

  2. Your missing out big time not using the debit you get 3% back on what ever u buy in stock buy $100 at Costco you just got $3.00 in Costco stock pay your Netflix just got 3% stock.

  3. there is something I don't get. 1750 after three years of investing and throwing in cash in fives, and tenths,.etc. Wouldn't in that same time be the same if you had just a regular savings account or even more.????

  4. Robert this is absolute great information! You clearly did your work. I talk to so many people who ask "Should I sell now since the market is up and down"? I tell them that investing in stocks is really not a short game. When you consider buying a company only buy it if you plan to keep it 10 years. What I mean by this is if you do not really believe in this company you are usually uninformed about it and are moving off some idea that someone told you or some other unintelligent reason. Buy what you buy because you believe. We are in a pandemic and this market will see additional correction soon. We will come out slowly, but we will come out. So buy and keep buying! And if you are in it for the short-term place a "stop loss" that allows you to be comfortable with your risk. I talk about this on my channel as well. I enjoyed this video.

  5. Hey man im 21.. No financial help just a job and a wife and kid living like slave check to check 500 a week. And miserable I've been looking everywhere to make money by investing day trading Anything. Please help..

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