Investing In Healthcare Stocks

In this video we take a look at investing in the Healthcare industry using REIT stocks. We will cover a few of the top Healthcare REITs and go over their yearly dividends and also the stock price increase.

If you are interested in investing in the healthcare industry please watch this video. Due to the huge increase in people over the age of 70 healthcare investing will be a strong sector in the years to come.

The investments we cover in this video are healthcare REITs who invest in healthcare real estate like senior living facilities, hospitals, medical offices, and other medical buildings. Instead of investing directly into healthcare companies like a drug company you can invest in the companies who provide real estate to the healthcare industry.

Please note that I’m not a professional investor and you need to do your own research on these healthcare stocks before buying any of them. The past is not prediction of the future and i’m simply showing people what healthcare stocks (REITs) are out there and which stocks have had fairly good track records.

If you want to know more about what a REIT investment is then check out one of my other videos located here:

Thanks for watching and good luck on investing in healthcare.
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