10 ways to invest from Europe – Investing your Euros

How to invest from Europe in Euros is the question I get very often. Well, first an overview of the European economy, the Euro and then 10 investing strategies to think about over time.

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20 Antworten auf „10 ways to invest from Europe – Investing your Euros“

  1. In this period of pandemic, saving is important and investing into stock market or something profitable will be the wisest thing to do, I pity anyone who hasn't invested a dime in digital trading. Time will tell, the earlier we all start the better for europe

  2. I really enjoyed the video, from the beginning to the end. I didnt know that we Europeans are so backwards. And it's true, we dont take risks. You gained one more subscriber here!

  3. Finally a guy who is not just talking to people in the USA. investing from europe is so limited. with countries putting crazy taxes on gains. we need alot more videos like these for europeans

  4. Right now is silver (real money, plata) very cheap compared to gold, to stocks, to real estate and super cheap compared to funny fiat money! If u want to put something in silver, this is the time. But! Silver is not an investment hence it produces no cash flow. See it as a hard currency (plata, Spanish = money). No central bank can print it! For better understanding look what Jeffrey Gundlach, a hedge fund manager says after 1 hour 10 minutes. This is high level macro economics insights! He is very quiet, very humble – I agree and he shares his insights for free with us https://youtu.be/JDSFxzJQzh0

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