7 UK Stocks To Buy

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Hi! my name is Jacob, and today, i talk about 7 UK Stocks To Buy

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  1. I resorted to invest after being laid off from work early this year, invest in forex is way better than 9-5 but it can be complicated to a beginner. its best you reach out to investment adviser or a stock broker. Roy Randy is well known for his profitable investment. I made fifty thousand dollar in a month and I was able to start a business and cover my sons college tuition.

  2. The corona virus crisis could hit banks and housing markets .Its not the right time to buy because nobody knows the actual effect of corona virus on economy . Dont buy .. keep watching

  3. Hi Jack, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very informative. It would also be very useful if you give a little summary of yourself i.e how and when you got involved in the share market and whether it is something that you do, full time.
    I wish you the very best wishes in all your future ambitions.

  4. Nice vid. Which app on the iPhone can I use for trading? Trading212 Sold my stock twice automatically without me putting a stop loss on… not sure why and their customer service is non existent.

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