Cryptocurrency funds Costs Prediction: Ml Investments Method (XGBOOST)

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Machine Learning Trading Algorithm (XGBOOST)

Evgeny Rodygin –
If you want to utlilise the power of machine learning to predict price in cryptocurrency you need to be paying attention to the right things.

Today we’ll be looking at the XGBOOST algorithm and how it has been applied in other industries and also how you can use it in the crypto space.

You’ll see here the link to data and machine learning is fundamental to the bigger picture.

Understand the opportunity in this space and how you can use this to your advantage.

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  1. I like you dude, I really do. But you need to be careful about not talking out of your ass. I recognize those datasets and I feel like I got an inference your exposure to this topic is fairly mild considering a lot of those data sets/results came from copy and pasted online classes. If you ever felt like shooting a message feel free to, but I won't elaborate more on a public forum since I work competitively in the field. You're just so close and yet so far

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