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In this episode of Robinhood Top Stocks I talk about NIKE Stock. NKE Stock has been one of my favorites over the years, especially because they are located out of my home state. In this video I talk about what I see with the NKE Stock charts and with Nike Stock earnings happening this week. Breaking down the fundamentals of Nike Stock, I see a lot of long term potential overall. With the Nike Stock Dividend being very small (1%), the fact that it has outperformed the overall market is very attractive. All of the important statistics for the stock look great and could make Nike Stock a very attractive long term investment. Let me know what you think of Nike Stock in the comment section!

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0:00 Robinhood Top Stocks
0:45 Nike Stock Analysis
1:30 NKE Stock
2:00 Best Longterm Stock
2:30 Nike Stock Earnings
3:00 Nike Stock News
4:00 Magoo Investing
5:00 MagooInvesting
6:00 Nike Stock Dividend
7:00 Is Nike Stock a Buy
8:00 Top 100 Robinhood Stocks
9:00 Nike Stock Analysis

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  1. Great video Andy… Nike is one of the best companies in the world and they're almost always worth investing in. I'm always amazed when I'm in countries in Asia or Europe and see Nike's on feet everywhere. As you said, everyone knows the Swoosh!  With all that said, NKE is richly priced right now with a P/E well into the 30's. I don't own NKE, but it's on my highest wish list. I will own shares one day and once I do I'm sure it'll be added to my core holding list (stocks I plan/hope to hold forever).  

    You're a natural at doing these videos. Keep doing what you're doing and your channel will grow exponentially over the next couple years. You'll be shocked how much faster you add 1000-2000 vs 0-999. And then 2000-5000 will likely be even faster than 1000-2000.

    BTW… I live down in California (SF Bay Area) and I envy you living up in Oregon right now. Beautiful part of the country. Sounds like you're enjoying it which is great.

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