My 40K Robinhood Assortment | How you accomplished the feat

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Dividend Investing, a very popular method of investing today. There are lots of education on dividend investing and today I’ll like to talk about this from a different perspective. In my opinion, dividend investing is not the best strategy and I’ll explain the risk of investing in dividend stocks. I’ll explain the problems with dividend stocks. Hope you find this dividend investing video useful.

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  1. Nice work on the video. I have a RH account for retirement and do a similar route, but I started with – 25K in dividend 10k in SPHD, 10k in SPYD, and 5k in CIM. Plus I have an additional 5k to day/swing trade and the profits I add to my dividends. Since 2 at ETFs Im well diversified and I've added individual stocks since.

  2. Good video, Andrei is the man. very smart and very entertaining. I watch all of his videos. I started my Robinhood in the beginning of May this year and now sit at 12.490

  3. Don’t listen to other people just do your own thing. I’m 19 invested in what I wanted and I’ve made a 3,500 with an initial 5,000 investment. I make $50 a month in dividends that I reinvest through drip

  4. The average investor makes about 70% loss, I'm very risk averse, which is why I invest with an expert Maureen Kay Bryan and i've been able to make $648,000 within 4 months from my $200k investment, is that not amazing?

  5. … no one has told me about dividends. They mentioned it but they never said what it did. Wow I can believe how much money I just throw away. Imma cry now.

  6. There are companies that will last a life time, water works, waste management etc.

    And dividend investing into blue chip stock are definitely not riskier than investing in Tesla, these companies are value stocks.

    Most growth stocks are over valued and has a bigger risk to a significant drop in value if earnings growth cannot be maintained or missed.

    Imagine if ABBV messed up one drug, they still have a vast amount of market position and resource and cash flow to correct its mistake.

    If Tesla messed up, the share will drop significantly and much less room for correction.

  7. People will always need power,water and food . Invest in solid companies that pay steady growing dividends . Split your portfolio in two parts. One with Dividend stocks and the other in Growth stocks.

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