How to get stocks and shares and Vanguard ETFs

How to buy stocks and Vanguard ETFs

Learn how to buy stocks and Vanguard ETFs® online at

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How to buy Vanguard Index Funds/ETF In 7 Minutes (2019)

Here is a simplified version of how to buy Vanguard ETFs. If you want to skip ahead in the video, I have included time stamps below.

0:38 – Brief mention on Roth IRAs
2:10 – How to view the list of Vanguard ETFs
4:02 – Overview of a specific S&P 500 ETF
5:58 – How to buy an ETF

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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice, this is for entertainment purposes only.
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20 Antworten auf „How to get stocks and shares and Vanguard ETFs“

  1. Question: I want to buy shares for VTI, but the duration says Day or 60day. I want to hold the stock for years. How would I hold for long term investing. Without my order being canceled within a day. Thanks

  2. Noob question here. Can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere. So I opened up a Roth IRA a couple days ago through Vanguard and bought 3 shares of VTI. I plan to only have shares of VTI for the time being. My question is, do I buy as many shares of VTI as possible each year ($6K worth)? Would I ultimately gain more interest with the more shares of VTI I own? Thanks in advance.

  3. Can you make a video on how to check your profits and or loses, also I heard you can apparently withdraw your initial deposit/any deposits or something completely free and that only your profit is the one taxed, right ?

  4. Love Vanguard funds, but hate their website. Their tech is 20 years old and obsolete. Buy Vanguard ETFs from Fidelity for free, and you can buy fractional shares. You are welcome.

  5. Can you make a video showing how to sell an index fund and a video showing how to open a Roth IRA. Also thank you so much, this video was very informative

  6. If i wanted to set it up to make a monthly contribution of say $150 would i be able to do that? And hypothetically, if the price was $180 per share and i contributed $150 that month, would it allow me to buy $150 worth of the ETF (0.83 shares) or do i have to pay the full $180 at the time of purchase? Thanks

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