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Today we discuss the supply and demand forces behind nickel, what is the long term investing potential of the metal and what stocks to buy to have portfolio exposure. There are some good thing going on for nickel while the price is still relatively low and far from a long term average necessary to sustain production. we discuss 3 nickel miner stocks, one huge, and two juniors, Norilsk nickel, royal nickel corporation and Horizonte minerals,
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  1. Dear Sven, do you think Norilsk Nickel is still a good investment today? Seeing as the price of the stock went up, is it still a good value? Or should I put my money somewhere else.

  2. Hello Sven,
    thank you for your analysis on nickle micro caps! Would have never found horizonte on my own. It is like you say: A high risk investment, but if it turns out positive – could be a potential multibagger. I bought a number of shares because of the CEO. I like the vocabulary he is using and the way he is presenting the feasibility study. He seems to be very convinced about the project and is working on study of the second mining project in the same area. I see this investment like a very cheap call-option on the future demand of nickle!

  3. GIGA metals. Normally avoid penny stocks. However share price has been hammered on low volume and little news. They have worlds 2nd biggest under developed Ni prospect in world in BC Canada. Just under 4mil c$ in bank for a sub 8mil m cap Company plus cobalt. Minus is its massive cap spend and isolated part of BC. I normally avoid but with summer drilling planned plus minimal downside as funded with insiders buying this month I expect to double my entry of 17cents.

  4. I'm surprised that you haven't mentioned Amur Minerals in the far east of Russia. Amur has one of the potentially largest sulphide nickel operations in the world which could also place it among the top ten nickel producing companies on an annual basis. 1m tonnes plus at a 1.03% grade of nickel equivalent (nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium). Early stage but full of potential with a PFS due in several weeks and a BFS the end of 2019. Worth spending a bit of time looking at in detail. http://amurminerals.com

  5. Hey Sven! Fantastic video as always. I understand your preference for defensive investing, but I am curious as to what your thoughts are on Giga Metals (OTC: HNCKF). They are a Canadian junior company.

    Thanks again for your awesome videos!

  6. hello sven, really appreciate and enjoy your videos.
    you address a blind spot i had in stocks, i'm learning since this summer (the first time i'm out of debt and have extra!), and i bought some shares of norlisk nickel.
    so as of now, i have nn, tencent, and fosun international. fosun is headed by guo and with china ready to dominate, he is there in the middle and maybe he can make some magic. tencent will be the first 3 trillion dollar company, and nn. i can imagine the russians up there in the far north mining away.
    i have half croatian blood and always loved chuang tzu the ancient chinese philosopher. therefore, in the macro context, i have sympathies for russia and china, and now i am learning alot theough your videos about how russia has such low debt ( pronounced like 'det' with no 'b') and all the printing money in the world.
    so thanks a bunch, no matter what happens with nn! you have opened my eyes a little more! and it's so fascinated the world economy, to think globally.

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