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  1. If silver and gold goes back to being money it will be illegal to hold such that control will be taken from the individual just as was done in the early 30's with gold.

  2. Juniors can provide life changing returns in a bull market! My best undervalued pick and one that I believe has huge upside potential is Doubleview Gold. The link below is the most recent 05 July 2020 Shareholder Report featuring Doubleview Gold- last 2 write-ups from 05 July 2020 & 14 June 2020 are included (39 pages).
    A must read as it reveals the potential of Doubleview Gold.

  3. Haha! Well dang! I had a very underweighted position in Rugby based on Dave's recommendation in his MSJ. When I couldn't find any news today on why it went from .06 to .11, I simply sold and took profit, figuring I'd take a position again on a pullback (if that actually happens). THIS might have been the "news" I was missing. 🙂 Now I wish I had been closer to average weighted in the stock.

    I was excited to see that you had Dave back on today Bill, and I wouldn't mind at all if you had him on every week. I'm very much looking forward to the close of the market Thursday to read the remainder of Dave's updates. I had actually sold Treasury (and Discovery) at the end of last week based on the stocks potentially being a bit overextended, while hoping to get back in lower before too long. We'll see how that goes. I held on to Pure Gold and am super happy with that so far. I'm also incredibly happy with Great Bear and am excited for the future of many other miners!! Dave's MSJ has been an excellent investment and I thank you for introducing him to listeners like me!!

  4. I was debating between Banyan Gold Corp and Gold Terra Resource.
    Gold Terra Resource won out due to it's geographic location and the team at the top.
    Some of the top team members are from Detour Gold….So they are bring their expertise to YGT.

  5. I like the forgotten ones like SPA.V 1.28M oz 1+ gpt, MI 4M oz total AISC of 549, open pit, located in BC. Starting to get attention. Also ERD.V high grade open pit deposit in Mongolia.

  6. Traders fell asleep. Metals should have been blockchained years ago.
    That alone would have lifted the prices of gold and silver.
    It took JP Morgan to come up with it.

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