Start off Transaction Which have $500 (and then make simple moola?)

If you are a teenager or someone in their early 20’s and are looking for ways to make money online, I’m so glad you have interest in the stock market! There is no doubt about it that the stock market opens up a world of money making opportunities. Whether you are looking to get started with trading stocks as a side hustle or more of a full time job type scenario, it is possible to make a lot of money! With all that being said…. I hope the majority of you already realize the talking point in this video, as you’ll see, some people are not aware. If you’re someone who is looking to keep your expectations in line with the true reality of trading so that you can be a successful day trader, then this video and topic is a requirement to understand.

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20 Antworten auf „Start off Transaction Which have $500 (and then make simple moola?)“

  1. let's see your net realized gains
    I will show u mine u show me yous

    Realized Gain/Loss
    Unrealized Gain/Loss

    Unsettled Closed Positions

    Gain / Loss Reports


    YTD |

    Select tax year 2018


    and rember if u lie big fcc fine

  2. Hi clay i just invested 500$ on trading with efxrobotics software and its the second day my account now is 1087$ so what do u think about this is it good or no?

  3. I’m very interested in your webinar, I’m young 20 in college I would love to learn a couple things. Being realistic with myself i don’t really no nothing at all about this. But I’m willing to dedicate my time and learn something very useful and meaningful.

  4. Dude im I5 and im trying to learn because i know i can make alot of money doing stocks and its better to start learning young so u have more experience! By the time im I8 ill have alot of knowledge for stocks!

  5. Hi… I need an advise. I'm 28. I've invested an amount with less leverage expecting the stock price to go down. However, since the stock markets are going up currently it is all in red. What is your advice. Should I close my positions with losses or should I wait until the market turns into a bear market since I've used less leverage? Or any better advise sir?

  6. Hello, i am 12 years old and i wanted to start with trading in a few days with 4-5k.
    i have very much time and im very motivated do you think i have a good chance to learn much or make „much“ money.

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