Developing Wise Espresso Uses with the use of Neural Platforms, Using the Neuroph Platform

Artificial neural networks provide solutions for ill-defined problems including recognition, such as image, character, and gesture; forecasting, such as stock market prediction; and optimization, such as JVM parameters. This session introduces the Neuroph Java open source neural network framework and shows how to use it, via demos and code samples. The session is intended for developers interested in artificial intelligence and the problems outlined above. You can learn more at:
You will learn about
• The Java neural network framework Neuroph and its features and development
• Solving problems by using neural networks
• Using neural networks for image recognition, stock market prediction, and JVM tweaking
• Why and how Neuroph moved to the NetBeans platform and the resulting gains

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12 Gedanken zu „Developing Wise Espresso Uses with the use of Neural Platforms, Using the Neuroph Platform“

  1. Can't find the way to replicate same behavior of the first multilayer perceptron classification: I don't know how to save my dataset once I've drawn red and blue dots onto my chart and, 2nd, can't view the realtime "learning" process of the NN. Maybe this video refers to an old build. Can someone here help me? Thank you in advance.

  2. I am trying to use neuroph studio for image recognition but have some issues. Can you please make one tutorial on how to use neural network for image recognition?

  3. Hi, Im trying to create a neural network for loan approval decision making on neurophstudio, with 15 input parameters and need to make a decision on whether the person is subject for the loan or not and if how much can he/she ask for… could you give me some advice or point me to some docs on how to do that? I've searched the net for info but nothing specific to neuroph studio @***** @Zoran Sevarac

  4. hello sir
    i have a project on "prediction of cloud computing risk(unavilability) using neural model..(use java coding)…
    could you please help me sir,,or send me some useful documents to do it..thank you.

  5. Could you compare and contrast the Neuroph Studio to Encog Workbench? Encog WB was tantalizing, but so poorly documented and implemented that I gave up in frustration.

  6. gr8 thanku for uploading this video
    and for introducing neuroph framework… but this made NN integration in java program too user friendly i dont like user friendly 😉

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