Exactly why Specific Carries perform better in comparison with Index Financial resources!

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Index Funds or Individual Stocks? This is a question many beginners struggle to answer when looking to get started in the markets. If you’re looking to invest in the stock market it is important to define your strategy from the beginning, and a key component of your strategy will be whether or not you want to invest in individual businesses.

In this video I talk about the ONE key reason why I (and you) should be investing the majority of our money into individual stocks. I explain what exactly index funds are, and provide an example of a life time portfolio investing in the US or Australian markets.

I then compare this with two other examples which demonstrate why individual stock picking is clearly superior if you are willing to put in the work.

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Disclaimer: The information & opinions in these videos are strictly for educational & entertainment purposes ONLY. None of the opinions discussed should be taken as financial advice as I am NOT a financial advisor. Please do your own research & consult a financial advisor.

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Hosts: Michael Kayne and Langan Kingsley
Kids: Christian Cespedes, Dylan Ryley, Gabriella Stein, Santino D’Amico, Madeline Russell
Written and directed by Jared Neumark
Produced by Dan De Lorenzo
Shot by Alonso Homs
Music by Sean Hannigan
Intro Jingle by Doug Widdick
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39 Antworten auf „Exactly why Specific Carries perform better in comparison with Index Financial resources!“

  1. Just make your investment short term depending on the flictuations of the market; individual stocks are the way to go no extra costs you can easily flip $1000-$2000 in a couple days or weeks or months it all depends on what stock you buy; so do your due dilligence and try to invest large/mega cap companies because the chances of such large companies of going broke in a short amount of time is close to nil. So short term individual stocks is highly plausible for the person who make their due dilligence and hold onto the market

  2. This video aged well… you underperformed both the S&P500 and the ASX200 by over 10% in 2019 when taking into consideration all of the cash you could have been dollar cost averaging into index funds. Looks like Bogle was right; for most of us we should stop trying to look for the needle in the haystack and "just buy the haystack!”.

  3. This is not sound advice. Warren Buffet, the greatest investor has said for the average investor, just invest in an index fund. So unless you are a genius like Warren Buffet, and invest full time, don't have the majority of your investment in individual stocks. Remember all you have to do is make one mistake on either your choice of stock or timing and it'll ruin your overall return. This is why diversification and long term investing pays off.

  4. Damn that's all I need to do. Well I dont have 1 grand to invest or 10g to start I just started with 100 bucks the other day and I'm up 10 bucks for who know how long. It seems like a gamble since you can loose it all. Unless you tell me the stock I should invest in in the next video

  5. After taking inflation into account and taxes you may have had to pay, the returns are a lot lower and how do you know which company with outperform the market, No one knows. That is why you take knowledge out of the method and buy an index fund. The few fund and hedge fund companies that outperform the market usually only do it for a few years and then they fall behind and they average worse than the brainless index investing. No one can beat the market average. So to max your returns the best way is to get the market average every year to max out the compounding effect. Take an example 10% per year for 10 years opposed to 100 % in the first year and then 0% then next 9 years. 10% compounded for 10 years is 259% increase as opposed to 100 % increase in the first year and 0% increase for the next nine, the total is still 100 % which is a lot lower than 259%. The highest ultimate gains are a slow average compound rate and not large gains one year and none the next.

  6. The reason why I didn't like your video it's because you're not explaining this for beginners. You are using specialized language, and technical lingo that ordinary people do not understand.

  7. “Why buy stocks when you can simply buy the winning lottery ticket for a much higher profit?” <- This is how you sound. Beating the market over long periods of time is not possible for even the most skilled investor without a good portion of luck. Expecting anything other the market average from your selected stocks is naive and stupid.

  8. The presenter is pretty naive and this video has reinforced my commitment to sell my individual holdings over to low cost ETF's. Yes some people have made a killing from individual stocks but the odd's are stacked against you in the long run. I think I'll stick to building wealth slowly rather than try and get rich quickly. People who come by wealth quickly (lottery winners/gamblers) have also been known to lose all of it quickly.

  9. A bunch of people believe in the economic reality as serving Humanity, despite the evidence proving lives ruined without nothing worth discussing as intentions.

  10. Could you explain free will like I'm five? I never really understood that. Some say we have it, some say we don't but we can't tell the difference?

  11. I have some savings I want to invest, I don't know anything at all about the stock market, zero. I have tried reading a little, but understand much less. I don't want to buy any prepackaged portfolio, but rather get some 'safer' ETFs. I don't understand any of the jargon, could someone explain to me as if I'm 5, what I should do step by step? Thanks.

  12. This is an interesting concept for a video, but you guys don't do a very good job of explaining this stuff at all. I'm of the opinion that if you can't explain something well enough that a child can understand it, then you don't understand it very well yourself. And if you think it's just not possible to teach kids concepts like this, I taught my daughter about things like relativity, quantum mechanics, particle physics and chemistry before she even went into kindergarten, and she understood them just fine. And in case you think it's just unique to my daughter, I was able to teach my nieces of the same age those same concepts I taught my daughter.

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