Investing in STOCKS vs Money market funds through That is certainly best for you? | P R Sundar

Investing in STOCKS vs MUTUAL FUNDS - Which is better for YOU? | P R Sundar

Investing in STOCKS or MUTUAL FUNDS – Which is better for you? Who should invest in Shares & who should invest in Mutual Fudns? Explained in detail by market expert P R Sundar.
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Topics covered in this video:

– Definition of Mutual Funds
– Advantages of investing in Mutual Funds
– Advantages of investing in Equity Market (Shares/Stocks)
– Which is best for providing as collateral for trading?
– Haircut
– Equity & Debt Mutual Funds
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Which is better investing directly in the stock market or putting it in mutual funds?

Which is safer? Which will give you more gains? Which is the better choice?

I hope this video helps you gain the conviction on where you should invest.

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I hope this inspires you to invest and encourages more people to invest further.

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31 Antworten auf „Investing in STOCKS vs Money market funds through That is certainly best for you? | P R Sundar“

  1. Small capital you said invest in mutual fund is good but how much I should consider this is small capital. For example one person have 4 lac cash now is it considered as small cap?

  2. Generally, the fin. markets are even more complicated now. So I'd recommend one seeks the help of a pro. I've made a lot of mistakes in the past making my picks independently till I sort for a professional help; a US regulated broker. I allocated over $350k to her strategies last year before these whole pandemic and my returns were really close to the $1m mark from just the last two quarters. Investing has no formula and takes a lot of risk factors with it. I just try to minimize them.

  3. ETF (niftybees,goldbees) is even better than mutual funds. Because they carry merits of mutual funds plus easy liqudity, no amc charges, intraday benifits etc..

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  5. small retail invester should only invest in …..
    1. when market high….. debt fund/fd
    2. when market down ….. in index fund ……or ……….index etf …….or …………..ELSS EUITY FUND(3 YEAR LOCKIN)


  6. please suggest in which mutual fund to invest as i retired in jan 2020, for minimum 1yr to 7 yrs as market is disturbed due to coronavirus, as i will need some fund after 2-3 yr , and suggest strategies to invest in share market also for long term

  7. Hi sir I don't know about stock market and mutual fund but in PHONEPE I have seen TAX SAVING FUNDS and LIQUID FUNDS sir please explain about that sir.

  8. Sir,

    Well said, small capital people should invest through mutual fund. Till Feb my monthly sip in one mutual fund stock was very good and it gave me more returns but due to this Covid its in minus now. Will it be a v shape recovery or it will take years to come in the same position. Please explain.

  9. Hi Marvin. I prefer a passive investment. I invested in mutual fund and chose Phil Stock Index Fund. Does it considered as passive investment in index fund?

  10. Good Day sir, ask ko lang regarding Mutual Funds about sa Entry Fee or Front End load, isang bagsakan lang ba ang bayad dito? or every month ang Fee na ito i mean kada nag huhulog ako once every month? (parang cost averaging)

    How about management fee? every month din ba ito sinisingil?

    at kung sakali paano ang process nito?


  11. hello sir Marvin thank you po for continually inspiring OFW's to participate in the PSE. I wanted to join your seminar however Im still overseas, can we possibly join online seminar niyo po?Merci.

  12. Sir marvin, ask ko lang kung bakit ang taas ng navps ng Philippine stock index fund na more than 900 compare sa iba na halos 6 o 5 lang ang navps tulad ng Phil equity pse index fund.

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