18 Antworten auf „Billionaire Naguib Sawiris on for what reason he bought high mining companies“

  1. if you are looking in invest in gold mines. Promining Participações its a Brazilian Company of research of gold areas in Brazil, They own a 500 acres area that is rich in gold from quartz.

  2. he is getting financially destroyed. His net worth will be cut by 85% from when he made these bets. If his net worth was a billion dollars when he invested a year ago, he will be worth 150 million in 12 months from now. In fact, he has already been cut in half. He said he is worried now, guess what, his mining stocks were being crushed when this interview was done, but now he is down another 25%, and in 6 months another 35%. He is a chump. He invested all his money at the commencement of a severe bear market.

  3. why do these billionaires also seem so thick? i think most of them early on make their way by force of personality and then once they get so rich it becomes much easier to get richer.

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