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As an aspiring analytics and data science professional know that time series forecasting is most definitely part of the 20% of analytics that drive 80% of ROI.

Univariate times series forecasting is a wildly useful skill that every business uses (and I mean every business).

The single best resource I know for learning time series forecasting is the work of Professor Rob J Hyndman. The professor is the author of the mighty forecast package in R and also has a most excellent free introductory text on time series forecasting.

Highly recommended. The professor is a genius, IMHO. Links below.

Stay healthy and happy data sleuthing!

Here are some valuable links:

* Link to free text: https://otexts.com/fpp2/

* Great talk from the professor at a R user group meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lh1HlBUf8k

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Kaggle Meetup: Web Traffic Forecasting

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Learn Data Science by Doing Kaggle Competitions: Web Traffic Forecasting

Thursday, Jul 26, 2018, 6:00 PM

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79 Data Scientists Went

We meet every two weeks to learn more about data science by discussing Kaggle competitions (https://www.kaggle.com). If you want to get better at data wrangling, feature engineering, model selection or just want to have fun solving non-trivial data science problems, this is the right group to join! This time we will discuss the competition Web Traf…

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