Tips for investing in The eu 2017

BNP Paribas Real Estate (BNPPRE) “Investing in Germany” introduces overseas investors to the German investment market and provides insights why to invest in Germany.
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● Trading the German DAX 30.
● You can trade the Dax at InterTrader
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The DAX 30 represents the top 30 biggest listed companies in Germany [DAX Deutscher Aktienindex]. The DAX started trading in 1987 at a level of 1000 and hit 12888.95 in June 2017.

The DAX index itself is market weighted – the higher the market cap of the company the more weighting its going to have on the index. The DAX or Germany 30 as it is sometimes referred to can be quite volatile.

The DAX is obviously susceptible to EU data and the EURO. Constituents include Siemens, Bayer, SAP, BASF, Allianz, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Adidas, Fresenius, Deutsche Post, Linde and Munich Re.

The Germany is somewhat correlated to other European indices like the FTSE 100 although its probably more volatile. With that kind of volatility you also get opportunities.

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  4. Just bought 2 CFD contracts on DAX before i saw your video…hope that Markel's election win will have positive swing on DAX. Also saw your VIX video..still trying to work it out…cheers

  5. Hi, I know you use efts when charting the indices because they show daily gaps where as the cfd charts don't. I have trouble with placing trades through my broker because of the differences. I know your not trying to advertise or sell anything but please could you tell me what broker you use to trade the indices. Thanks in advance man

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