Trading proper training: So how exactly does a Stockpile Make You Money?

Trading 101: How Does a Stock Make You Money?

Trading 101: How Does a Stock Make You Money?

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What is a Dividend:

Thanks to a subscriber question, I want to talk about how exactly a stock makes you money. Sure, you may understand what the stock market is and how the stock market works, but within that context, what exactly occurs to allow for a stock to make you, as the investor, a profit by putting money in your pocket.

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19 Gedanken zu „Trading proper training: So how exactly does a Stockpile Make You Money?“

  1. The company makes a bigger profit, so people think the stock will go up you say? Sort of like dogs trained to salivate at the sound of a bell, because they think they are going to get some food? What makes the food show up? Does a company feel guilty and feel a need to pay a dividend eventually out of the goodness of its heart? Makes sense.

  2. Sticking with your example..when the stock reaches its peak at $15, why would anyone want to buy your stock given that they know its reached its peak?

  3. Bro so like 10 days ago a buy 135 share from United state oil fund at $3.71 cents so yesterday went up to 18 dollars per share, but now I only have 16 share out 135 , can anyone tell me what happened cause I’m so confused and I’m new at this

  4. Question: I've heard there's a difference in how taxes work for short term vs long term stock exchanges. Like day trading. Is that true?
    I know the whole topic is huge, but could you do a basic rundown of how taxes affect stocks and the profits they generate?

    Good video and helpful. Thanks.

  5. Can you explain what the numbers are when I’m watching the price of a stock.
    I see a BID: $12.55 x 400q or $12.55 x 600p
    Or I see ASK $12.60 x 200 or $12.64 x 11,500

  6. I have a question.. do you think that if people want their share to increase the price, they would do things to increase its price instead of just hope or think. Like.. influence it.

  7. Please answer: If you decide to sell in a growth stock who is gonna buy your stock if not the company??? Wouldn't you have to wait an unknown amount of time for a buyer??

  8. Dividend is a very minor asset, isn't it more profitable to sell a stock that has increased in value and is increasing at a constant rate to make sure there's someone to buy it rather than holding on until the growth curve flattens?

  9. For everyone who watched the video and did not get the MAIN question answered:
    Q: How does a stock (that doesn't pay dividents) make you money?
    A: By selling it with a profit.
    He really nicely explains how a stock can grow in value, but the main step is just missing: selling the stock when you think the times has come. Peace

  10. So you’re not really getting profit, your growing equities which only increase in value over time and the only way to profit is to sell everything 40 years later….. is day trading & getting dividends the only way to make actual profit each month? How do you get consistant profit every month?

  11. Hi Clay,
    As you mentioned in AAPL example that the company grows and it increases the revenue hence the profit, if this profit is not shared among the shareholder (dividend) why would someone like to pay higher price. And if investors do pay higher price ,does it mean that they are hoping for company to pay dividend one day? if share price increases ,doesn’t it imply that investor is hoping that some idiot will pay higher price than he did and cycle will continue?

  12. I'm new to this…….. this might seem like no brainer to some……Assume I want to sell a stock of a company but it's gone viral that the company is gonna go down ….. Who will buy my stocks???? Whom do I sell it to??? Or does it mean that I'll sell it back to company with whatever the current stock price is

  13. How do I DIRECTLY make profit off of a stock? When it goes up and is doing great how do I use or collect the money made from stock ? Does it directly go in to my bank account or do I sell it when it’s up to make the profit ? I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around the process of getting the money you make to use it 🙁

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