Stock exchange To begin with 2020 | How you can Investment (Little by little)

In this video, I will show you how to invest in the stock market as a beginner in 2020.

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More than 50% of Americans invest in the stock market, either through individual stocks, the baskets of stocks called „mutual funds,“ or retirement accounts.

If you are eager to learn how to invest, be sure to pull out a pen and paper to take notes during this video.
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3:05 – Logic vs Emotion
4:14 – Investment Strategies
6:42 – How To Buy Stocks
8:25 – What Is A Stock?
10:27 – Types of Brokerage Accounts
11:40 – Passive vs Active Investing
13:19 – Dollar Cost Averaging
13:56 – How Long Should You Invest?
15:07 – Mutual Funds, ETFs, Index Funds
19:20 – Stock Research
21:03 – Where To Gather Information
22:50 – Form 10k and 10Q
24:23 – Financial Ratios and Metrics
27:40 – Bull vs Bear Markets
28:20 – Dividends
31:15 – Reading Financial Statements
35:06 – How Much Should You Invest?

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20 Gedanken zu „Stock exchange To begin with 2020 | How you can Investment (Little by little)“

  1. This is a great video…trading has it's difficulties when it comes to getting the right strategy to make a particular move…these were hindrances to me till i sought professional help from a broker Mrs Maureen kay Bryan ..she made me my first $400,000 to my portfolio last year…I've been trading this year with my head high…she's quite known in the states too

  2. great a total beginer and yes i do find it a bit intimidating as im not a numbers/maths guys..can some kindly recommend some good online brokerage for BEGINNERS like myself..cheers

  3. Is it good to invest in companies you genuinely love and “believe” in? Like Companies that are innovative and improve quality of life?

  4. Investing and trading in the stock market should not be what one should rush into without proper knowledge of what the market is about and how stocks works.

    Many people have made wrong investment and trading without getting the proper knowledge of what the stock market is, some have lost billions of dollars in the stock market and some are still loosing due to bad investment advice.

    I was lucky enough not to have lost my money in the stock market because I followed the advice of a professional who understand how the stock market work, he gave me the best investment advice ever and also mentor me on the stocks to buy for good return, he equally tutor me on how to day trade on the stock market to make good profit.

    Don’t be left behind on the stock market, the market is big and everyone can profit from it.

    Don’t loose you hard earned money to bad investing and trading just because you want to invest and trade in the market.

  5. here are the notes i took from the vid :
    Fundamental analasysis -> long term investing (current stockprice lower than it should be )

    Apps : M1 finance , The Robin Hood app

    Qualitative research (20% time) :looking at a companies culture , modole , vision , leadership of the company ( CEO ) -> can't be a prick

    Quantative research (80% time) : hard facts , numbers

    Conducting research : looking to buy a stock through your brokerage firms , earning reports , look into a company's investor relations reports (investor relations page)

    Forum 10k -> annual report (Jaarverslag) van het voorbij jaar en numbers van het voorbije jaar and projections for the future

    Before buying a stock -> downloading the forum 10k (abt 100 pgs) -> kritisch zijn want is geschreven door het bedrijf zelf dus alles gaat op een mooiere manier geschreven zijn

    10 queues -> update elk kwart van het jaar

    Bullish -> market goes or went up

    Bearish -> market goes or went down

    Learning rations & (financial) metrics -> to value the company , to see if its under value

    Market Cap -> total valuation of a company (numbers of shares/(aandelen) multiplied by the stockprice = market cap)

    Beta -> 1 (average) onder 1 meer stabiel minder omhoog en omlaag , meer dan 1 meer sprongen omhoog en omlaag

    Earnings date : datum van release earnings reports (4 times per year) (conferrences calls discussing the earnings van de vorige kwarten)

    Volume -> how much that stock is being traded

    Dividend -> a bit of money given back by the company to the shareholders rather than reinvesting in their own businness

    Dont invest for dividends -> bv. een bedrijf met een 20% dividend niet investeren voor het dividend als het bedrijf niet duurzaam is en het dividend niet op een lang termijn kan betalen

    -> zie een dividend als een kers op de taart

    3 financial statements :

    1) income statement : mainly focus -> total revenue and costs and where the costs are coming from

    2) Balance sheet : assets vs liabilities

    3) Cashflows : money coming into the company


    -> start with a small amount of money and building it up in a long period of time

    -> learn through/from your mistakes

  6. I’ll admit, I’ve been basically just depending on the success of my 401K until a few weeks ago…I’m determined to educate myself when it comes to the stock market now. No more wasting money on material things.

  7. Excellent Video, This setup is indeed very understandable, As a beginner, I’ve come to realize that experience beats hard work, I made weak profit investing on my own, but for the past 2 months with Mr Conrad Parker, i have made huge profits. His strategies are outstanding.

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