Where you can Have Within a Markets Downturn

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If the market is falling, where can you hide your money? I cover some of the ways to take advantage of the falling markets while giving my thoughts on the upcoming reasons why the market continues the way it is and for how long.

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20 Antworten auf „Where you can Have Within a Markets Downturn“

  1. I would bet there are a select few who are profiting from this massively who bought inverse ETFs for specific indexes that suffer during times of health crisis like this. I wish i were smart enough to know what those were, I would have put my money in that in February. One thing's for sure, they're gonna print and QE to infinity to pay for the short term pause in business.

  2. Hi – love your channel. Where can I find the expense ratio for index funds on webull? Also why cant I buy the zero expense fidelity index on webull? Thanks in advance.

  3. I’m investing into Facebook, AT&T, Apple, and lastly, I’m investing into Solaredge Technologies. I’m not saying you should invest into them but just wanted to inform people what others are investing into lol

  4. Thankyou for all this information it is so precise and yes we need Mandatory testing! Yes there is wide spread Fear! Maybe we all should do a world quarantine that everybody stays home until they are tested! Money shouldn't be an issue when giving out home testers.The only way to survive cross infection is a world mandatory quarantine…

  5. I dont get it. People are reselling handsantizers for over 100$ and marketers are freaking out because 3rd partie is price gouging. But you said your going to wait to a 30% drop so that you can sell it for a higher price???? Im not undrstanding. So arent people involved the stock price gougers too.

  6. The frenzy worldwide is because of the potential burden placed on the hospital system. We will soon understand the shortcomings of rationing the free healthcare in socialist Nations.

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