The best way to Invest: Best techniques for Following Every of your Expenditures | Phil Village

In this video, I’ll share some essential investing tools that everyone buying or selling stocks on their own should know about.

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19 Antworten auf „The best way to Invest: Best techniques for Following Every of your Expenditures | Phil Village“

  1. Question for you guys: What is your favorite website to use for investing research? And also what investing tools do you use? Leave me a comment here!

  2. The toolbox Phil has created is a lifesaver for me. I have never invested and no one in my family ever has invested. We grew up poor and his tools have been so much easier for someone like me to understand. I am forever grateful for Phil for doing this for the Little guy (or gal in my case). I just need to get more practice under my belt, as I am still a kindergartner in this investing world, but with Phil's video's podcasts and books I know I will be a rule 1 investor soon. Thank you PHIL!

  3. Most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. This is especially true for our retired americans. Dr. PSaul is now telling us there is going to be an economic crash in our country. He says it will definitely happen, he doesn't know when. Then he goes on to say, we should buy lots of silver, take all our cash out of banks and invest our money out of this country. We will not be able to usee at machines. It wiLl cause the stock market to completely to crash. Food will scarce, gas.will not be available and other bad things.

  4. Good morning! I'm at the point of taking action! I'm trying to analyze when to buy stocks of a company using your method. I checked out your margin of safety calculator and I'm not understanding what I need to put in for years. Thank you.

  5. I got a email from profits unlimited Paul Manilly it sounded good I did spend the 100 for some advice on getting in to the market I cAme into a little money unexpectedly and want to grow it not loose it
    So as I was researching him I saw you and you cAme across like wanted to help out the Average joe I no nothing about investing I just spent 4 hours watching your videos wow I learned a lot and can’t wait to o to your website please let please respond to me I want all the help I can get

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