By domain flipping Make $500 On a daily basis Committing to Stocks

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17 Gedanken zu „By domain flipping Make $500 On a daily basis Committing to Stocks“

  1. Cool video, Just started a challenge with small account on my channel check it out if you guys want. Up nearly 90% in first week with simple chart readings.

  2. How do you make millions then? You're making <$220K from trading, 88K from youtube, I'm sure you make a bit from selling your programs/RealEstate …

  3. Good Video. To succeed, every beginner should be guided by a professional. Connect with Wilson Katie for professional advice, with her success is guaranteed,you can reach her via her mail at wilsonkatie763@gmailcom and thank me later.

  4. And almost 3-4 times that telling people on youtube how I do that and by selling group membership and courses… It's really cool.. 🙂
    Even if you loose 500 dollars any day…you can make a video on "How I lost 500 dollars today" and make more money than that… Coz the ad rates for day trading are extremely high..

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