Thinking about the entire Return on a Store

This video shows how to calculate the total return on a stock. The total return of a stock is a function of two components: the dividend yield and the capital gain (increase in share price). This video uses a comprehensive example to demonstrate how the total return of a stock is calculated using a handy formula.

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17 Antworten auf „Thinking about the entire Return on a Store“

  1. Great video! When reading the financials on an equity…is Return on Equity always to mean Total Return to include the dividend yield or is it simply just the stock price performance for the past year?

  2. Thank you Michael. Is this formula the same as we know as TSR (Total Shareholders Return) and to what other rate it should be compare with? Thank you in advance.

  3. i want to confirm:
    when the given data is
    Time period stock price(price at To=62) dividend
    T1 63.99 2
    T2 60.5 2.06
    T3 64.58 2.12
    T4 66.25 2.19
    T5 61.66 2.25
    Po = 62 will be same for calculation or we will have to change the price according to time?
    or simply tell me how can we solve this for total return, average return and standard deviation
    thanks in advance

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