So you want to generate a 401(k) wealthy person? Here's how to do it, in accordance with Loyalty

The state of your 401(k). Fidelity’s top 401(k) tips, with Jeanne Thompson, Fidelity’s head of workplace investing, CNBC’s Bob Pisani and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Dan Nathan, David Seaburg, Mike Khouw and Guy Adami
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20 Antworten auf „So you want to generate a 401(k) wealthy person? Here's how to do it, in accordance with Loyalty“

  1. I keep with you guys and you thought me all I know on how to be a millionaire not with 401k savings though. Stock Investing has changed my life forever. I have been at it for 3 years and this year is the best.

  2. All good except for unplanned bad events like divorce when you're in your 60s with not crash and health problems… you can lose a lot fast … and the best laid plans …

  3. My wife's health care business was sold. First year 7% match, second year 6% match, third year 5% match, fourth year 4% match, all the way down to 1% match, then back up to 3% match. People get jerked around with their benefits. My teacher friends, married, get $120,000 a year, in social security and pension benefits, for life, retiring at age 58. Government workers are grossly over paid and their pensions are criminal theft.

  4. Why is it so many people giving advice do not have a million dollars? Never take financial advice from people who take the bus to work and have a low net worth. Most journalists and financial journalists are not wealthy.

  5. Why humans need to retire in their 60s and early 70s? Even Physicians, Actors, Businessmen, and Politicians don't "retire" until they're in their 80s to even early 90s haha

  6. Yeah baby the down side about putting all your money on 401k is this. Well if there is another economy break down, guess where the government is going to pull money from? Your money!!

  7. Don’t retire…work as long as possible and as your health allows…1/2 the people I know who are retired are bored out of their minds and their mental acuity drops quickly. I love my job and plan on going to at least 67-70. 63-65 is too young to retire…especially if you live to 90+.

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