thee Has I'm Investing In is that March 2017 (SI)

3 Stocks I'm Investing In - AUGUST 2017 (SI)

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In this video I talk about the 3 stocks I’m investing in for the month of August 2017 – Nintendo, AMD, and Disney!!!

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20 Antworten auf „thee Has I'm Investing In is that March 2017 (SI)“

  1. Nintento – A value trap, no way I could invest in that.!/stock/us/us-otc/ntdof/investment-analysis

    Disney overvalued –!/stock/us/nyse/dis

    AMD – fair value – huge run up last year.!/stock/us/nasdaq/amd

    I would be looking for somewhere else to put my money.

    I would go with Blizzard!/stock/us/nasdaq/atvi – consistent and a leader in gaming.

  2. Awesome video! I think AMD is certainly the stock that everyone is looking out for. I see a bright future ahead! Although I do think that Disney is the safest stock out of the 3. Awesome job with the depth you went into on each stock (especially AMD)! As a fellow investing youtube channel I have to say, I am very impressed with your channel! I just subscribed and I look forward to more content!

  3. Just found your channel. Thank you for your efforts. Did you see the, seemingly, 'hit piece' wrt AMD from Luke Lango on investorplace? (

    I'm long/deep on AMD btw. I'm just curious as to all the negativity. My 'tinfoil hat' theory comes out as these 'analysts' do their doom/gloom AMD articles every time AMD gets close/breaks $14/$15. Then the stock tanks for a while and slowly increases again. So it seems they're just doing some shady market manipulation.

    Your thoughts?

  4. As much as I hate people linking the success/fail of cryptocurrencies with AMD, I can't deny that it was great timing for AMD stock. I can imagine the hit the stock would have taken if AMD merely met expectations again. Without the cryptocurrency boost, I think AMD's numbers would have been mediocre.

  5. amd is great. I wish I could buy more but all of my portfolio is invested already. what about a stock market recession in the next months? I'm a little nervous

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