The chemical bond types Versus Rewards – That will Carries Should You Spend on?

Which one is better to invest your money in, Stocks or Bonds? Today we explore which one is the better investment

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Today we’re taking a look at bonds vs stocks. More specifically, comparing bonds to dividend stocks. Both are income producing assets, but how are they different? And should you own one of these, or both? There’s a lot of questions to be answered!

I’m primarily a dividend investor with my main taxable account in the Robinhood brokerage app. Ever since I was a beginning investor, I’ve always had a fascination with figuring out how to invest money the best way.

Traditional advice says that everyone needs to own bonds. I tend to disagree; however, I provide plenty of examples using myself and my parents on when it is appropriate to own bonds in your stock market portfolio.

So which one should you pick – stocks or bonds? Watch the video to find out!
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18 Antworten auf „The chemical bond types Versus Rewards – That will Carries Should You Spend on?“

  1. No that is when I go all in… Like Amazon will never go bankrupt they have the majority of all online orders also Google and Amazon run basically all of the internet so if they go out then the internet is out 11:30

  2. Bonds are the best to secure our living expenses. Anything else should be put into the stock market and/or real estate. The old say to never put all your eggs in one basket is still a good advice.

  3. Your dividends that you guys seem to be over the moon about are financed by the corporate debt markets. You seem to focus on the government bond market and have very little understanding of the corporate side. I'll see you recommend a dividend stock but if you look at that companies corporate bond the yield is also pretty solid and you do not have to deal with stock fluctuations. The dividends will be cut LONG LONG before the bond payers are not given priority in bankruptcy.

  4. Hello Andrei, great videos. I have some extra time, and instead of by ETF, I would like to follow some recomendations. Can you sugest some good payed material to signh?

  5. I'm just wondering, but if your parents had enough money to retire already ($1 million or so), why would you 100% put all of it in bonds? Is there a reason that you wouldn't even consider an annuity?

  6. Me: watches ONE video
    Me: Skips ad
    2 minutes later
    No one:
    Nine university: “YOU SEE ALL THESE PRODUCTS”

  7. I have $1500 to start investing in dividend stocks and I have done a lot of research on the ones I want. My question is… How do I start?? Spread my money throughout all the ones I picked? Buy one of each share? Still confused..

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