Shares of stock comparing to Buildings.


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38 Antworten auf „Shares of stock comparing to Buildings.“

  1. I usually don't comment much but here's my 2 cents:

    over 90% of the money in the stock market have a >3yr time horizon – Already a BIG mistake.
    Many banks, hedge funds and individual "investors" are not investors but instead are TRADERS.
    What @MeetKevin is talking about are those guys who a) Aren't well educated in the financial markets or b) Have a short time horizon.
    To make money in the stock market you NEED to have a 10+ year time horizon and find companies trading a >30% below their intrinsic value (roughly 1 for every 1,000 companies you personally analyze)… So the point of stocks vs real estate is very dependent on the person..
    If you're here to see which is better than the other then you're clearly not ready at all.

    My favourite quote "Knowledge is the closest mankind will ever be to god like powers we see on TV" – Me

  2. Not sure why you think value investment is speculation. The day you brought google with $100, by value investing it means when you did your number, you can liquidate google as a company and get $105 back. It’s based on your valuation skill similar to your real estate deals. When you buy a property and fix it up you know how much you can sell (liquidate) for.

  3. If you put down $112,500 downpayment, $50,000 initial fix up, $80,000 selling cost/last fix up = total out of pocket $242,500. $846,359 – $270,000 (outstanding loan) – $242,500 (out of pocket) =$333,850

  4. Great video! Diversity is the key I think. I got a question for you about depreciation. My accountant told me that if I don't plant to hold the property for the long term I can't or maybe should not take that 27.5yr deppreciation. Any thoughts on that?

  5. Great video! what advise would you have for out-state investors living in the Los Angeles market? You state it's best to buy/invest in your back yard. thanks

  6. There are many issues with your pro real estate arguments. First, it's meaningless to talk about returns without talking about risk, and having a mortgage increases the risk greatly. Second, the only kind of real estate that gets 30 year, fixed-rate, non-callable, amortizing mortgages is 1-4 unit residential, and only for the first 10 properties. This is through the government sponsored entity mortgages. Anything bigger or of a different class than this requires loans with shorter terms, floating rates, call provisions, larger down payment, or higher interest rate.Third, a large amount of the returns are actually from labor and not an investment. If you spend hundreds of hours managing the investments, you have to subtract the value of this labor from the return. You can either value the labor by measuring how much income you could have made working the most profitable job, or how much it would cost to pay someone to do the work. If you can make more money doing something else than it costs to hire someone, this is a waste of time. Fourth, the cost of transacting real estate is astronomical compared to buying stock. If there are 8-10% in costs combined between the buyer and seller, including agent commissions of 6%; lender and owner title insurance of 1-2% (not sure on this one); transfer tax and government fees; inspection fees; and appraisal fees, then the transaction cost is about 4-5% for the buyer. That is if I buy a house today for $500,000, with the seller paying all the fees to make the math simpler, and tomorrow sell the house for $500,000 I would only receive about $450,000-$460,000. Fifth, you are using your personal income to subsidize the investment with the mortgage. The house isn't able to secure debt based on its own cash flow.

  7. That 10 year example was surprising. Interesting to see how year 15, 20, 25 numbers look but without such a good deal to start with and also no $80,000 fix up costs after 10 years.

  8. Curious about your opinion on REITs, since you are already heavily invested in Real Estate I imagine it wouldn’t make sense for you but what about for those that don’t own real estate?

    Also, I think there are deals to be had in the stock market especially if you look in small caps and some foreign markets.

  9. Just a general question. Due to the low amount of capital I have to invest, would you recommend me using my weekly investing amount to buy as many stocks in one company an then the next week doing the same with a different company? Or buying stock in a bunch of companies but really only being able to get like 1-3 shares a company?

  10. Honest question could you not have done a FHA loan and put down 10%. After that fix up the triplex, you live in the bottom unit and rent out the two other units in the house while also renting out the place you are living in right now ? Could that not have saved you more money and made higher roi? Also no I’m not into real estate but it’s an honest question

  11. Sorry to hear your real estate video are not getting that many views. Maybe you could just do a monthly general update video for now and include how the building work is going? I think talking about a bit of everything related to how you make money is the right thing in the long run.

  12. I'm invested in REITs now but really want to jump to actual real estate investing in the next little bit of time. Especially if there is a market dip and prices come down.

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