Stream Me Generate a Forex trading Software

I’ve built a cryptocurrency trading bot called GradientTrader, and in this video I’ll show you the tools I used to build it! It uses a graphical interface that lets you back-test on historical data, simulate paper trading, and implement a custom trading strategy for the real markets. The technique I used was a cutting edge Deep Reinforcement Learning strategy called Multi Agent Actor Critic. I’ll explain it all here, enjoy!

Code for this video:

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20 Antworten auf „Stream Me Generate a Forex trading Software“

  1. Aby son bhai ku India ki image kharab kr raha hai.. Kuch kam kr khud se na ki kisi ki Github code ko chura ke bol "I HAVE BUILT" bukhari pn hata bhai… India ki image waise bhi bahut logo no online kharab kr rakhi hai

    He appropriated code from AskMike as if it's from him. He even changed the name of the bot!
    The real name is Gekko.
    That's ilegal!
    This is not the first time this Siraj guy scams and lies.
    Everything for money, right? Lol

  3. It all depends of how much is being charged for API calls on the cloud, then there is the cost to buy and the cost to sell as in executions cost, often there's is a withdrawal charge too at the brokers. sometimes there's is just nothing left over as reasonable profit because of all the bloody charges! The providers take the lot, at least one-third of whatever is being won, but when losses are factored in. All the maths is incredibly fascinating though and thank to Siraj Raval for bringing this to us.

  4. Highest quality you can find, everything well explained, code also provided in the description. I really don't care if AskMike gave Saraj permission to use his code or not. One thing is clear, I enjoy the free education that is provided through his videos, and we people need to understand that this man edits the video at a quality way above "lecture slides" that are provided when going to a university. As a matter of fact, university teachers, more often than not, have slides containing the same "stolen material", either from a book or from the internet and still don't manage to teach the material as well as this man does in this video.

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