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Joe Jevnik that in fact A Performed Experience in Applying Neural Networks like twitter by the due date Number Speculation

Joe Jevnik - A Worked Example of Using Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction

PyData New York City 2017


Most neural network examples and tutorials use fake data or present poorly performing models. In this talk, we will walk through the process of implementing a real model, starting from the beginning with data collection and cleaning. We will cover topics like feature selection, window normalization, and feature scaling. We will also present development tips for testing and deploying models.
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How to Invest In the Philippine Share market through Training information Release

How to Invest In the Philippine Stock Market - Tutorial Intro

To get the FREE training series and e-book tutorial about how to invest in the Philippine stock market, go to:

When you sign-up there you will receive the „Stock Market Jumpstarter“ e-book as well. And receive stock market tutorials which aren’t hosted here on Youtube!

Video Summary:
1. There are three things you have to learn when you start investing. First is the correct mindset. Second is to pick the right strategy. And third is the tactics.

Mindset – This is your expectations and your attitude towards investing.

Strategy – Refers to the system (or way of thinking) on how you buy and sell your stocks.

Tactics – Refer to the technical knowledge of what buttons to press, who to get a as a broker, etc.

2. When starting to invest in the stocks, it is VERY IMPORTANT to pick a strategy that compliments your lifestyle rather that one that complicates it.

Depending on the strategy you pick, the stock market could demand 8 hours everyday, while it could also be done by just 15 minutes every month! (That’s what the difference of strategy can do!)

For more investing tutorials not here on Youtube, again you can go to:


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