SAP HANA Academy – PAL: 143. Classification – SVM Outlier Detection Predict [2.0 SPS 01]

In this video tutorial, Philip Mugglestone shows how to predict potential outliers using a one-class Support Vector Machine (SVM) model via the predictive analysis library with HANA 2.0 SPS 01.

One-class SVM is an unsupervised algorithm that learns a decision function for outlier detection: classifying new data as similar or different to the training set. In one-class SVM scenario, f(∙) refers to decision function, and there is no TARGET needed since it is unsupervised.

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Data Preprocessing & Exploratory Data Analysis

Please find the jupyter/colab notebook files in the blog slides here:

This is the 5th session of the bootcamp, the session is designed for people who already have some knowledge of Data Preprocessing & Exploratory Data Analysis.

In the session, the speaker talks about what is Data Preprocessing & Exploratory Data Analysis. In addition to why do we need them & what are their uses, the speaker also talks about different techniques.

The session speaker is Ayon Roy. Ayon is a passionate Data Scientist, a speaker, & a problem solver. He has had multiple stints in field of Data Science through various internships. Ayon is currently pursuing engineering in Computer Science from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

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Anomaly Innovation: Platforms, Results, Functions

Anomaly detection is important for data cleaning, cybersecurity, and robust AI systems. This talk will review recent work in our group on (a) benchmarking existing algorithms, (b) developing a theoretical understanding of their behavior, (c) explaining anomaly „alarms“ to a data analyst, and (d) interactively re-ranking candidate anomalies in response to analyst feedback. Then the talk will describe two applications: (a) detecting and diagnosing sensor failures in weather networks and (b) open category detection in supervised learning.

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Outliers – How to detect the outliers and reduce the effect using variable transformation like using log, square root, cube root or other suitable method.
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