A story of double Hk Potential traders

With Hong Kong’s famous trading floor closing, WSJ spoke to the city’s oldest stock trader and one of its youngest ones about how the industry has changed and where it’s headed. Video/Photo: Clément Bürge/WSJ

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Nike Supply Examination | Robinhood Best Shares

My Intro Course To Investing: https://magooinvestingbasics.teachable.com/

In this episode of Robinhood Top Stocks I talk about NIKE Stock. NKE Stock has been one of my favorites over the years, especially because they are located out of my home state. In this video I talk about what I see with the NKE Stock charts and with Nike Stock earnings happening this week. Breaking down the fundamentals of Nike Stock, I see a lot of long term potential overall. With the Nike Stock Dividend being very small (1%), the fact that it has outperformed the overall market is very attractive. All of the important statistics for the stock look great and could make Nike Stock a very attractive long term investment. Let me know what you think of Nike Stock in the comment section!

#Nike #NKE #MagooInvesting
0:00 Robinhood Top Stocks
0:45 Nike Stock Analysis
1:30 NKE Stock
2:00 Best Longterm Stock
2:30 Nike Stock Earnings
3:00 Nike Stock News
4:00 Magoo Investing
5:00 MagooInvesting
6:00 Nike Stock Dividend
7:00 Is Nike Stock a Buy
8:00 Top 100 Robinhood Stocks
9:00 Nike Stock Analysis

Tags: Nike Stock, Nike Stock Analysis, NKE Stock, NKE Stock Analysis, Robinhood Top Stocks, Best Longterm Stock, Magoo Investing, Magoo Investing, Nike Stock Dividend, Nike Stock News, Nike Stock Earnings, Top 100 Robinhood Stocks, is nike stock a buy
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My 40K Robinhood Assortment | How you accomplished the feat

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Subtitles added:
Dividend Investing, a very popular method of investing today. There are lots of education on dividend investing and today I’ll like to talk about this from a different perspective. In my opinion, dividend investing is not the best strategy and I’ll explain the risk of investing in dividend stocks. I’ll explain the problems with dividend stocks. Hope you find this dividend investing video useful.

Links used:
Dividend Champions – https://www.dripinvesting.org/tools/U.S.DividendChampions.pdf

10 Industries On The Cusp Of Technological Disruption

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Spend money on Japan Carries?【ENGLISH & 日本語❗ 】Dan Takahashi 高橋ダン


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Deep technical analysis of Nikkei and Topix Index shows what?
Oil, Bonds, Volatiltiy will give clues to direction of Japan Stock market?
My conclusion and recommendation to everyone?

動画内のツール https://jp.tradingview.com
#finance #economy #investing #trading #株 #投資 #経済 #高橋ダン  #DanTakahashi #高橋ダン
Cornell University, Honors Magna Cum Laude

Winner of 2019 Top100 People in Finance

Born in Tokyo, half-Japanese, half-American. Have lived in 6 countries and visited over 60 countries!
東京生まれ、日本国籍のハーフ 。6ヵ国に住み、60ヵ国以上は旅行。

Started investing at 12 years old, began Wall Street when 19, created hedge fund when 26, and sold company stake at 30 years old.

I love nato beans & karaoke 😉
納豆とカラオケ大好き ❤️

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Blog Link: https://www.yapss.com/post/collection-warren-buffett-104-investing-japanese-stocks-and-airline-industry

In this episode, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger were asked on whether it would make sense to invest in a basket or index fund of Japanese stocks when its price-to-book value is low. Moreover, they were also asked on why Berkshire made an investment in the airline industry that seems to go against their usual investment principles.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
– What truly determine the price of a stock.
– Why price-to-book ratio means nothing to Buffett and Munger.
– Why earnings matter.
– What does high or low price-to-book ratio shows.
– Why Warren Buffett made an investment in USAir.
– What unpleasant experience did Buffett and Munger felt in USAir.
– What is Munger’s thoughts on corporate culture.

#WarrenBuffett #CharlieMunger #BerkshireHathaway

(Source: https://buffett.cnbc.com/video/1998/05/04/afternoon-session—1998-berkshire-hathaway-annual-meeting.html)
~ Please visit the site above for full video of Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

Good afternoon, Mr. Buffett and Mr. Munger. My name is Jack Sutton (PH) from New York City. I have two questions.

The Japanese stock market has been likened to the U.S. market in 1974. With Japanese stocks selling at very low price-to-book values, as compared to U.S. stocks, would it not make sense to invest in a basket of Japanese stocks or an index fund of Japanese stocks?

Question number two: Berkshire Hathaway tends to invest in companies with high margins and high return on common equity. Berkshire’s investment in the airline business seems to have digressed widely from those principles.

Could you elaborate on why Berkshire invested in the airline industry, and would Berkshire consider new investments in the industry in the future?

I’m going to the first question. The reason that — and I don’t know the exact figures — that Japanese stocks would sell at a lower price-book ratio than U.S. stocks is simply because Japanese companies are earning far less on book than American companies.

And earnings are what determine value, not book value. Book value is not a factor we consider. Future earnings are a factor we consider. And as we mentioned earlier this morning, earnings have been poor for a great many Japanese companies.

Now, if you think that the return on equity of Japanese business is going to increase dramatically, then you’re going to make a lot of — I mean, and you’re correct, you’re going to make a lot of money in Japanese stocks.

But the return on equity for Japanese businesses has been quite low, and that makes a low price-to-book ratio very appropriate because earnings are measured against book. And if a company’s earning 5 percent on book value, I don’t want to buy it at book value if I think it’s going to keep earning 5 percent on book value. So a low price-book ratio means nothing to us. It does not intrigue us.

In fact, if anything, we are less likely to look at something that sells at a low relationship to book than something that sells at a high relationship to book, because the chances are we’re looking at a poor business in the first case and a good business in the second case.

What was the other question on, Charlie?

Buying — airlines.

Airlines. Yeah, I always repress everything on airlines. I don’t want to — (Laughter)

No, we’ve never bought an airline common stock that I can remember. So what we did was we lent money to USAir for a 10-year period and we had a conversion privilege there.

It looked like it — it was a terrible mistake. I made the mistake. But we got bailed out. But we — we never made the determination — when we bought our stock, USAir was selling at a share or thereabouts, the common. And we didn’t have an interest in buying USAir at 50, or 40, or 30, or 20. And we got a chance to as things went along — (laughter) — all the way down to 4. (Laughter)

And we never bought it. And we’ve never bought American, or United, or Delta, or any other airline. It is not a business that intrigues us.

We did think it was intriguing to lend money to them with a conversion privilege and it’s worked out now because we got lucky, and because Steve Wolf came along and really rescued the company from right at the brink of bankruptcy.

But we’re unlikely to be in airlines, although again, we wouldn’t mind lending money to a lot of businesses that we wouldn’t buy common equity in. I mean, that could happen again in various industries, including the airline industry.

Charlie, do you have anything to say on either the airlines or the Japanese market?








Why do suppliers subject profit steering: Search engine Business executives shows

On this weeks Yahoo U, Brian Cheung joins On the Move to break down why companies issue earnings guidance.

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Shifting Is close to Explained that in fact Time frame Number Statistics

#timeseries #movingaverages #exponential

Moving averages are foundational concepts in Time Series Analysis and form baseline models when modeling time series data. These concepts are also used in feature engineering with traditional machine learning models and as well as streaming analytics models

In this video I will be covering

Simple Moving Average
Exponential Moving Average
Weighted Moving Average
Exponential Smoothing Weighted Average

Supply Group And Privacy Full Clinque Display By using Photo

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Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have grown in popularity among investors over the past decades. This video can help you understand the risks and potential rewards of investing in this asset class.

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How to get stocks and shares and Vanguard ETFs

How to buy stocks and Vanguard ETFs

Learn how to buy stocks and Vanguard ETFs® online at www.vanguard.com.

This example is for illustrative purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell a particular security.

Brokerage assets are held by Vanguard Brokerage Services, a division of Vanguard Marketing Corporation, member FINRA and SIPC.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

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How to buy Vanguard Index Funds/ETF In 7 Minutes (2019)

Here is a simplified version of how to buy Vanguard ETFs. If you want to skip ahead in the video, I have included time stamps below.

0:38 – Brief mention on Roth IRAs
2:10 – How to view the list of Vanguard ETFs
4:02 – Overview of a specific S&P 500 ETF
5:58 – How to buy an ETF

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